Zinc funeral coffins

Production of burial and exhumation coffins

Ossuaries and funeral urns

Urns of any size, sheet-zinc and galvanized-sheet ossuaries

Metal cases

Flower boxes and metal cases for interior and exterior decoration

Core business

Pressing and welding of sheet metal

Zinco Sud combines tradition and innovation by putting together the craftsmanship of skilled workers and the most advanced machinery for the production of a wide range of metal products.

Our company is specialized in the production of high quality zinc funeral coffins, carefully observing the rules dictated by the Mortuary Police Regulations and using only selected raw materials and skilled labor.

Product range


We produce, in a wide range of custom sizes and according to design specifications, the following products:

  • zinc coffins for burial;
  • external coffins for exhumation;
  • sheet-zinc and galvanized-sheet ossuaries;
  • different shape urns;
  • flower boxes for interior and exterior decoration, made of copper, zinc or galvanized-sheet;
  • industrial chimneys;
  • extractor hoods;
  • zinc anodes for cathodic protection;
  • 99.99% pure zinc scraps.

We also sell welding accessories:

  • copper and long-lasting mallets for heating torches;
  • solder paste;
  • ammonium salt​;
  • tin brazing rods.
Zinc funeral coffins
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